New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association

May 8, 2004


The Spring meeting of the New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association was held on May 8, 2004 at the Thompson-Ames Historical Society building in Gilford, N. H.


President Arthur Jillette greeted us and introduced Joan Nelson, President of the Thompson-Ames Historical Society. She gave a brief history of their buildings and then introduced the speaker, Barbara Rotundo.


Barbara Rotundo was Past President of the Association of Gravestone Studies and her specialty is white bronze (zink) gravestones. They date back to prehistoric Roman times. It is non-corrosive and still used in industries. The metal stones could be sandblasted so they looked like stone. By 1880 this was being used all over the U.S., in Hawaii and Canada but not in Alaska. She showed a series of slides illustrating various styles of metal gravestones. Each stone was made to order and only from a catalog. The design of metal stones was such that parts could be unscrewed to be replaced by information panels. They were inexpensive and light enough that they could be carried by an individual to the cemetery. Cast iron stones, fences and gates were also shown. They stopped being manufactured in World War I.


Recording Secretary, Joan Casarotto, gave the minutes of the September 2003 meeting.


Treasurer, Jean Mertinooke, gave the Treasurer's report and read the Auditor, Ann Sottery's, report.


Arthur Jillette talked about the untimely death of Doris Ashton. His wife, Bea Jillette, took over the Rubbings and Richard Maloon took over as Acting Corresponding Secretary.


Richard Maloon discussed correspondence he has received and Jean Mertinooke read a letter from Nashua Historical Society regarding the loss of Doris Ashton.


The website was discussed and Clark Bagnall answered questions. All cemeteries should be linked to maps. Clark also spoke about the Handbook Revision. It is on our website and on the Association of Gravestone Studies website. The Committee will meet to review it and make sure it agrees with our latest changes.


NHOGA Scrapbook person, Nancy Van Doorn talked about the scrapbooks she brought today to be viewed.


Jean Mertinooke read the Nominating Committee's list of officers to be voted on. It passed unanimously. The officers are: President Arthur Jillette, 1st Vice President Barbara Benoit, 2nd Vice President Ingrid Smith, Recording Secretary Joan Casarotto, Corresponding Secretary Richard Maloon, Treasurer Jean Mertinooke, Auditor Ann Sottery.


Arthur & Bea Jillette would like people to let them know about what they are doing so it can go in the Rubbings. Questions and problems would be a good way to interchange information.


After lunch Susan Leach led us to three cemeteries.


Respectfully submitted,


Joan A. Casarotto, Recording Secretary