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74 Main Street Sunapee, NH 03782
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Burial Sites in Sunapee, New Hampshire
S23-008 Colby, Stagecoach Rd just south of Dexter’s Drive (labeled “Simpson 270”. Drive in; park on right; gate is to the right), (43.36693333°N, 72.09731667°W) MAP
S23-001 Cooper, Behind 324 Stagecoach Rd., Park on road; walk up drive keeping to right; gate is to right of small shed, (43.36356667°N, 72.10981111°W) MAP
S23-006 Crowther Chapel and Cemetery, Stagecoach Rd. and Young’s Hill Rd. Park in Dexter’s lot; walk up right side of inn; follow path. (43.36905°N, 72.09726667°W) MAP
S23-007 Eastman (New), West side of North Road, (43.41563333°N, 72.10201667°W) MAP
S23-002 Eastman (Old), East side of North Road, (43.4148°N, 72.10066667°W) MAP
S23-003 Georges Mills, On Main Street in George’s Mills, (43.43085°N, 72.06911667°W), MAP
S23-005 Lower Village Cemetery, On North Rd at Lower Main Street (Park in school lot.), (43.38695°N, 72.0962°W), MAP
S23-004 South Cemetery, On Harding Hill Rd., (43.34946667°N, 72.10415°W), MAP

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Map showing Sunapee