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These listings are an attempt to identify the location of every known burial site in New Hampshire. The present database contains only the location and other basic information on the various cemeteries and graveyards. In the future it is hoped that we can add the names and dates of the persons buried in each site. If this is the first time you have used this resource, please take a moment to read about how to use these listings.


The listing may be searched either by town or alphabetically by burial site for the entire state. In the case of sites known by more than one name, the site will be listed under its primary name and cross reference entries will list the alternate names.

Note from Webmaster: 7/22/2016
As best as I can tell, this part of the site hasn't been updated in over 10 years. Clearly, topozone doesn't work and I have no idea how long it has been since it did. As I complete each page, some sites are listed as questionable. My criterion for listing a site as questionable is that the referenced street did not show up on the map or the cemetery shows up in the middle of a lake. It is possible that the street name changed, but more likely that the lat/long was wrong. Please send corrections.

Update from Webmaster: 9/21/2016
Towns from Salem thru Woodstock have been converted to Google Maps.

Update from Webmaster: 11/3/2016
Towns from Randolph thru Woodstock have been converted to Google Maps. In addition, missing towns from the data base including Antrim and Sanbornton have been added and cross-indexed.

A number of towns including Bartlett, Danbury and Groton were omitted. A page has been added, but I have no list of cemeteries from these towns. If you know of cemeteries in these towns, please let me know.

Lastly, I suspect there are a few other towns that have been omitted from our data base. If you notice any of these, please let me know.

Update from Webmaster: 11/30/2016
Towns from Odell thru Woodstock have been converted to Google Maps. In addition, missing towns from the data base including Bartlett, Danbury, Groton and Odell have been added and cross-indexed. Please send corrections especially for the sites with "red backgrounds". I'm grateful for the many corrections that have been sent.

Update from Webmaster: 3/9/2017
Towns from Madbury thru Woodstock have been converted to Google Maps. In addition, missing towns/locations/purchases/grants have been added. Please send corrections especially for the sites with "red backgrounds". I'm grateful for the corrections that continue to drift in.

Select from the following alphabetical ranges to locate a town:

Listings by Town
Acworth - Lisbon
Litchfield - Woodstock

Sectarian Cemeteries
Other denominations to be added


Select from the following alphabetical ranges to locate by burial site name:

Listings by Burial Site
Abandoned Cemetery, Clarksville - Ayer, Albany
Ayer, Deerfield - Batchelder-Hayes, Allenstown
Bath Village, Bath - Beth Israel, Berlin
Bethlehem Cemetery, Bethlehem - Brackett, Greenland
Brackett, Greenland - Bunker Hill Cemetery, Hill
Burbank, Deerfield - Canney, Farmington
Canney, Farmington - Center Cemetery, Danville
Center Cemetery, Hillsborough - Chickville Cem.(New), Ossipee
Chickville Cem.(Old), Ossipee - Coe, Center Harbor
Coe, Durham - Cotton, Portsmouth
Cotton, Wolfeboro - Dascomb, Hillsborough
David Hunkins, Sanbornton - Diphtheria Cemetery, Fremont
Dockum, Newmarket - Drew, Barnstead
Drew, Barnstead - Eastman, Deerfield
Eastman, Deerfield - Epsom Center, Epsom
Ericssen, Hampton - Fieldstone, Rye
Fieldstone, Rye - Foster, Chichester
Foster, Wentworth - Garland, Rochester
Garland, Rochester - Goodhue, Brookfield
Goodhue, Deerfield - Graveyard, Northwood
Graveyard, Northwood - Hall, Barrington
Hall, Barrington - Harriman, Henniker
Harriman, Madison - Henderson, Milton
Henderson, Rochester - Hodgdon, Barrington
Hodgdon, Dover - Huckins, Lee
Huckins, Madbury - Jenness, North Hampton
Jenness, Northwood - Kendall Pond Cem., Londonderry
Kenison, Madison - Lane, Middleton
Lane, New Hampton - Leighton, Farmington
Leighton, Farmington - Lucas, New Durham
Lucy, Conway - Mathes, Lee
Mathes, Milton - Messer, Springfield
Methodist, Sandwich - Mountain Cemetery, Epsom
Mountain Road Cem., Goffstown - Newington Cemetery, Newington
Newton, Acworth - North Hill, Stewartstown
North Hinsdale, Hinsdale - Old Cemetery, Greenfield
Old Cemetery, Hampstead - Page, Deerfield
Page, Dover - Penney, Barnstead
Penniman, Plainfield - Pine Grove, Alstead
Pine Grove, Barrington - Pleasant Valley, Middleton
Pleasant Valley, Plymouth - Pugh, Milton
Pulcifer, Deerfield - Rhodes, Alexandria
Rhodes, Marlborough - Robinson, Meredith
Robinson, New Hampton - Sanborn, Gilmanton
Sanborn, Grafton - Shackford, Barnstead
Shackford, Newmarket - Smith, Canterbury
Smith, Center Harbor - South St. Cemetery, Portsmouth
South Stoddard, Stoddard - Stark, Manchester
Stark Road Cemetery, Conway - Swett, Bath
Swett, Tuftonboro - Thorntons Ferry, Merrimack
Thurston, Eaton - Town Poor Farm Cem., Effingham
Towne, Londonderry - Unknown, Alton
Unknown, Chichester - Village Cemetery, Walpole
Village Cemetery, Warren - Welch, Barnstead
Welch, Barnstead - Weymouth, Belmont
Wheeler, Chesterfield - Wildwood, Seabrook
Wilkins, Amherst - Workman's Circle, Portmouth
Wormwood, Wakefield - Zion Hill, Canterbury


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