In 2003 the Allenstown Historical Committee, lead by Harriet Bean, made a survey of the known private graveyards in Allenstown. Copies of this survey are on file with the NH Historical Society and the NH Department of Records Management and Archives.

Burial Sites in Allenstown, New Hampshire
------ Allen, See: Dowst-Allen, A04-005
------ Batchelder, See: Batchelder-Hayes, A04-001
------ Batchelder, See: Batchelder-Blaisdell, A04-002
A04-002 Batchelder-Blaisdell, East of the jct. of Deerfield Rd. and Mt. Delight Rd., USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E31005, N477923, Zone 19 (43° 8' 38"N, 71° 20' 9"W), Surnames Blaisdell, Nelson. Source: Harriel Bean, 2003 MAP
A04-001 Batchelder-Hayes, South side of Deerfield Rd., west of its jct. with Mt. Delight Rd., USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E30971, N477940, Zone 19 (43° 8' 43"N, 71° 20' 24"W), Sign on gate: A descendant / Adin M. Noyes / Suncook, NH / Caretaker of this cemetery / 1974. Surnames: Batchelder, Hayes, Robie. Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
------ Blaisdell, See: Batchelder-Blaisdell, A04-002
A04-003 Burgin, On state-owned land across from the Old Allenstown Meeting House, USGS Suncook Quadrangle, E30663, N478124, Zone 19 (43° 9' 40"N, 71° 22' 43"W) Note: All stones have been lost or removed with the exception of one broken stone., Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
A04-004 Clark Burial Ground, On Pioneer Trail, beyond the maintenance sheds, in Bear Brook State Park., USGS Suncook Quadrangle, (Location unknown), Surrounded with granite posts. Surnames: Clark, Johnson. Source: Harriet Bean, 2003
------ Dowst, See: Dowst-Allen, A04-005
A04-005 Dowst-Allen, Wing Road, Note: approximately 400' east of road, directly behind Talbot residence. Can be reached by following the stone wall that runs just south of the Talbot residence., USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E30852, N478173, Zone 19 (43° 9' 58"N, 71° 21' 20"W) Stone walls on all four sides. Surnames: Brown, Mardin, Dowst, Evans, Allen, Rollins. Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
A04-006 Evans, Northeast side of Deerfield Road, opposite Hayward residence, USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E30727, N478070, Zone 19 (43° 9' 23"N, 71° 22' 14"W) Surnames: Evans, Moses, Sanborn, Kennison , Wiggin, Dowst (Doust), Williams. Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
------ Hayes, See: Batchelder-Hayes, A04-001
A04-008 Kenison Corner, East Section, Corner of Deerfield Rd. and Podunk Rd., east of Podunk, USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E30839, N477966, Zone 19 (43° 8' 51"N, 71° 21' 23"W), Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
A04-007 Kenison Corner, West Section, Corner of Deerfield Rd. and Podunk Rd., west of Podunk., USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E30852, N477954, Zone 19 (43° 8' 47"N, 71° 21' 17"W), Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
------ Lane, See: Lane-Lear, A04-010
A04-010 Lane-Lear, 150 feet east of 89 New Rye Road, directly behind LaFleur residence. USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E30740, N478248, Zone 19 (43° 10' 21"N, 71° 22' 10"W) Note: These UTM coordinates may be inaccurate as they place the site over the line in Epsom. Listed on the Epsom listing as being on the town line, however the USGS map and coordinates shows it entirely in Epsom. These coordinates are suspiciously close to the location of the Brown/Davis site, E08-017, in Epsom., Surnames: Willey, Lear, Lane. Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
------ Lear, See: Lane-Lear, A04-010
A04-009 Leavitt, Off Podunk Road, west of Smith's Pond, within Bear Brook State Park., USGS Gossville Quadrangle, E30859, N477751, Zone 19 (43° 7' 41"N, 71° 21' 11"W) Surnames: Leavitt, Hayes. Source: Harriet Bean, 2003 MAP
A04-011 Philbrick, Location reported to be approximately 500 feet southeast of Philbrick Road and 1700 feet northeast of 274 Deerfield Road., (Exact location unknown), Surnames: Philbrick only. Note from webmaster: Data above possibly incorrect, but may be close. Source: Harriet Bean, 2003
A04-P02 St. Jean-Baptiste (new), River Road, USGS Suncook Quadrangle, E30272, N477842, Zone 19 (43° 8' 5"N, 71° 25' 32"W), This was previously listed as being on Granite Street. Source: Not on Historical Committee survey but on USGS Map MAP
A04-P01 St. Jean-Baptiste (old), Granite St., USGS Suncook Quadrangle, E30208, N477738, Zone 19 (43° 7' 31"N, 71° 25' 59"W), Source: Not on Historical Committee survey but on USGS Map MAP

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