Burial Sites in New Ipswich, New Hampshire
N10-001 Central Cemetery, Route 123A (Main St.), USGS Greenville Quadrangle, E26634, N473675, Zone 19 (42° 44' 59"N, 71° 51' 18"W), (42.749706°N, 71.854480°W), Source: NHHS 1975, updated by Sandy Sliviak 2016 MAP
------ Hill Cemetery, See: Porter Hill Cemetery, N10-004
------ New Ipswich Cemetery, See: Central Cemetery, N10-001
------ Old Burial Ground, See: Porter Hill Cemetery, N10-004
N10-004 Porter Hill Cemetery, Porter Hill Rd., USGS Ashburnham Quadrangle, E26618, N473743, Zone 19 (42° 45' 21"N, 71° 51' 26"W), (42.755814°N, 71.856759°W), This is the oldest cemetery in town., Source: Town of New Ipswich 1994; Update: Sandy Sliviak 2016, MAP
N10-002 Sacred Heart, Greenville Road (near the Greenville town line), USGS Greenville Quadrangle, E26930, N473869, Zone 19 (42° 46' 5"N, 71° 49' 11"W), (42.76805556°N, 71.81916667°W), Source: NHHS 1975 MAP
N10-003 Smithville, Binney Hill Rd. at Taylor Rd., USGS Ashburnham Quadrangle, E26433, N473503, Zone 19 (42° 44' 1"N, 71° 52' 44"W), (42.73361111°N, 71.87833333°W), Source: NHHS 1975 MAP
------ South Cemetery, See: Smithville Cemetery, N10-003
------ Village Cemetery, See: Central Cemetery, N10-001

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Map showing New Ipswich