Burial Sites in Orford, New Hampshire
O03-001 Dame Hill, Dame Hill Road, USGS Piermont Quadrangle, E73425, N486408, Zone 18 (43° 53' 40"N, 72° 5' 1"W), Source: Notes from Orford 1978 MAP
O03-002 East Orford, Upper Baker Pond Road, USGS Piermont Quadrangle, E74058, N486595, Zone 18 (43° 54' 34"N, 72° 0' 14"W), Source: Notes from Orford 1978 MAP
O03-004 Graveyard, private land, USGS Piermont Quadrangle, E73942, N486562, Zone 18 (43° 54' 24"N, 72° 1' 7"W), Fieldstone markers on Thomson farm on Class 6 Grimes Hill Road., Source: Town of Orford 1994 MAP
------ Village Cemetery, See: West Cemetery, O03-003
O03-003 West Cemetery, Route 10, USGS Fairlee Quadrangle, E73035, N486546, Zone 18 (43° 54' 29"N, 72° 7' 53"W), Source: Notes from Orford 1978 MAP

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Map showing Orford