Burial Sites in Salem, New Hampshire
S01-001 Mausoleum (Eternal Light Mausoleum), 21 Pond Street, USGS Lawrence Quadrangle, E32018, N473482, Zone 19 (42° 44' 48"N, 71° 11' 49"W), Source: Salem Historical Society, 1998 MAP
S01-003 Mt.Pleasant Cemetery, East Broadway, USGS Haverhill Quadrangle, E31804, N474493, Zone 19 (42° 50' 14"N, 71° 13' 35"W), Source: Salem Hist. Soc. 1998 MAP
S01-002 North Cemetery, Atkinson Road, USGS Haverhill Quadrangle, E32083, N474442, Zone 19 (42° 49' 60"N, 71° 11' 32"W), Source: Salem Hist. Soc., 1998 MAP
------ North Parish, See: Salem Center, S01-005
S01-004 Pine Grove Cemetery, North Main St.(Rte. 97), (42.791489°N, 71.199399°W), Source: Salem Hist. Soc. 1998, Lat/Long updated from Mapquest 2017 MAP
S01-005 Salem Center, Main Street (Rte. 97), (42.78882°N, 71.19984°W), Source: Salem Hist. Soc. 1998. Lat/Long updated: Find-a-grave 2017 MAP
S01-006 Silver, Removed. This family graveyard had been to the rear of 11 Lawrence Rd., Source: Salem Hist. Soc. 1998, (42.786248°N, -71.203229°W), MAP
S01-007 Spear Hill, Brookdale Road, USGS Windham Quadrangle, E31443, N473855, Zone 19 (42° 46' 44"N, 71° 16' 7"W), Source: Salem Hist. Soc. 1998 MAP

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Map showing Salem