Burial Sites in Winchester, New Hampshire
W15-005 Ashuelot Cemetery, on Old Hinsdale Rd off Gunn Mountain Rd, (42.776269°N, 72.424898°W), Source: Sandy Sliviak, 2016 MAP
W15-001 Evergreen, Route 119, USGS Winchester Quadrangle, E71500, N473832, Zone 18 (42° 46' 9"N, 72° 22' 20"W), Source: NHHS 1975 MAP
------ Furnace Company Cemetery, See: Willis W15-004
------ Hawkins, See: Ashuelot W15-005
------ Rixford Cemetery, See: Wheelock, W015-003
W15-006 Robbins Burying Ground, North side of Old Swanzey Rd just West of Slones Mill Rd., (Exact location unknown), Slones Mill Road is not on Google maps. Family burying ground surrounded by a granite block fence and marked with sign. Source: Find a Grave 2019
W15-002 South Parish, South Parish Rd, USGS Northfield Quadrangle, E70900, N473450, Zone 18 (42° 44' 11"N, 72° 26' 49"W), Source: NHHS 1975 MAP
W15-003 Wheelock, Old Westport Rd., USGS Winchester Quadrangle, E71494, N474468, Zone 18 (42° 49' 35"N, 72° 22' 14"W), (42.8264881°N, 72.3700518°W), Source: NHHS 1975, updated by Sandy Sliviak, 2016 MAP
W15-004 Willis, Back Ashuelot Rd. (42.77486°N, 72.41778°W), This is a very small cemetery that requires hiking up a small hill. Path is marked with survey tape. Many broken & missing stones. Source: Sandy Sliviak 2016 MAP
------ Tufts, See: Ashuelot W15-005

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Map showing Winchester