NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
Leighton, Farmington, F01-6A2
Leighton, Madbury, M01-001 Littlefield, Alton, A06-030 Long, Madison
Leighton, New Durham Littlefield (Robert), Barnstead, B01-124 Long (E.), Madison, M02-023
Leighton, Ossipee Littlefield, Conway, C19-021 Longmeadow, Auburn, A13-002
Leighton, Ossipee, O04-154 Littlefield, Grantham, G08-009 Loon Cove, Alton, A06-078
Leighton, Strafford, S17-4G1 Littlefield, Madbury Lord (William), Barnstead
Leighton, Strafford, S17-5F1 Littlefield, Madison, M02-022 Lord (Lord's Tomb, on Lord Hill), Effingham, E04-010
Leighton, Strafford, S17-7A4 Littlefield (Nathaniel), New Durham, N06-010 Lord, Freedom, F06-010
Leighton, Strafford, S17-7G1 Littlefield, Wakefield, W01-091 Lord, Westmoreland, W11-007
Leighton, Strafford, S17-7G4 Lock, Barrington, B02-1F3 Lothrop/Goward/Storrs, Cornish, C20-013
Lempster Cemetery, Lempster Lock, Weare, W07-027
Leonard Bickford, Madison Locke/Ayers, Barnstead, B01-037 Loudon Center, Loudon, L14-004
Lepp, Center Harbor, C07-023 Locke (James Locke Jr.), Barnstead, B01-010 Loudon Mills, Loudon, L14-005
Lever Land, Newmarket Loudon Ridge, Loudon, L14-006
Lewis Sandpit, Newmarket Locke, Barrington, B02-1G4 Lougee (Simeon), Barnstead, B01-093
Libbey, Epsom Locke, Barrington, B02-4F5 Lougee, Loudon, L14-018
Libbey, New Durham Locke, Chichester, C13-011 Lougee, Ossipee, O04-105
Libbey, New Durham Locke, Epsom, E08-025 Lougee, Strafford, S17-3F3
Libby/Perkins, Alton, A06-079 Locke, New Castle, N05-006 Lougee, Strafford, S17-4F2
Libby, Freedom, F06-009 Locke, New Castle Lovejoy, Epsom
Libby, Ossipee, O04-029 Locke, North Hampton, N16-012 Lovell Lake, Wakefield, W01-001
Libby, Strafford, S17-6A5 Locke, Pittsfield, P07-010 Lovering, Kensington, K02-010
Libby, Tuftonboro Locke, Rye, R09-028 Lovering, Loudon, L14-007
Libby, Wakefield, W01-118 Locke, Rye, R09-029 Lovering, Raymond, R02-011
Liberty Hill, Gilford, G01-010 Locke, Rye, R09-030 Lovewell Mountain, Washington, W05-006
Lincoln, Bedford, B07-007 Locke, Rye, R09-031 Lowd-Hocking, Madison, M02-027
Line Cemetery, Hinsdale, H15-002 Locke, Rye, R09-038 Lower Intervale, Plymouth, P10-007
Linfield, Alexandria, A03-002 Lockehaven, Enfield, E06-013 Lower Neck, Moultonborough, M17-006
Litchfield, Danbury, D02-006 Locust Grove, Newfields, N07-003 Lower Village Cem., Gilsum, G03-006
Lithuanian, Nashua Londonderry Cem., Londonderry Lower Village Cem., Sunapee, S23-005
Little, Grafton, G07-013 Long, Madison Lower Warner, Warner, W03-011
Little Pond Cemetery, Sandwich, S05-023 Long, Conway, C19-022 Lucas, New Durham
Little River, North Hampton Long, Eaton, E03-035 Lucas/Chesley, New Durham, N06-069


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