NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
Kenison, Madison, M02-021 Kingman, Barrington, B02-2E4 Ladd, Epping, E07-304
Kenison Corner, East Section, Allenstown, A04-008 Kingman, Harts Location, H09-003 Ladd, Epping, E07-402
Kenison Corner, West Section, Allenstown, A04-007 Kingman, Madbury Ladd, Holderness, H16-011
Keniston, Newmarket, N12-020 Kingston Plains, Kingston, K04-001 Ladd, Loudon, L14-013
Keniston, Newmarket, N12-021 Kingston-Warren, Newfields Ladd, Sandwich, S05-065
Kennard/Clough, Epping, E07-310 Kinsman/Easton Cem., Easton, E02-001 Ladd, Tuftonboro
Kenneson, Eaton, E03-017 Kittredge, Warner, W03-010 Ladd Hill, Belmont, B08-025
Kennett, Madison, M02-002 Knight, Alton, A06-049 Ladd St. Cemetery, Haverhill, H10-005
Kennett, Ammi, Madison, M02-041 Lake, Canterbury, C05-032
Kenney, Ossipee, O04-095 Knight, Durham, D14-038 Lake Cemetery, Pittsburg
Kent, Durham, D14-037 Knight, Farmington Lakeside, Newbury, N04-003
Kent, Eaton, E03-007 Knight, Greenfield, G09-003 Lakeside/Lakeview, Andover, A08-004
Kenyon Hill, Cornish, C20-010 Knight, Greenland Lakeview, Andover, A08-004
Kerby, Barnstead, B01-122 Knight, Lee, L06-025 Lakeview, Brookline, B20-001
Kimball/Morrison, Alton, A06-012 Knoll Cemetery, Dover, D10-382 Lakeview, Enfield, E06-011
Kimball, Brentwood Knowles, Deerfield, D04-F06 Lakeview, Freedom, F06-008
Kimball, Brentwood Knowles, Epsom, E08-026 Lakeview, Hampstead, H03-003
Kimball, Brentwood Knowles, Farmington, F01-4E2 Lakeview, Wolfeboro, W18-016
Kimball, Canterbury, C05-017 Knowles, Moultonborough, M17-035C Lakin, Hill
Kimball, Canterbury, C05-018 Knowles, Northfield, N15-009 Lamper, Effingham, E04-011
Kimball, Dover Knowles, Northwood, N18-035 Lamphrey, Gilford, G01-009
Kimball, Dover, D10-E02 Knowles, Strafford Lamprey, Belmont, B08-019
Kimball, Groton, G13-003
Kimball, Middleton, M10-020 Knowlton/Edgerly, Chichester, C13-008 Lamprey, Moultonborough, M17-036
Kimball, Rochester, R05-1B2 Knowlton, Northwood, N18-036 Lamprey, North Hampton, N16-011
Kimball, Wakefield, W01-013 Knowlton, Northwood, N18-037 Lancaster Hill, Tilton, T05-008
Kimball, Wolfeboro, W18-027 Knowlton, Northwood, N18-038 Landing Rd. Cemetery, Hampton, H04-006
Kimball, Wolfeboro, W18-041 Knowlton, Pittsfield, P07-005 Lane, Albany, A02-011
Kimball Corner, Hillsborough, H14-011 Knox, Albany, A02-005 Lane, Allenstown
Kimball Hill, Dorchester Knox, Ossipee, O04-002 Lane, Deerfield, D04-D21
Kimball Hill, Hillsborough, H14-012 Ladd, Deerfield, D04-A05 Lane, Lee, L06-008
King/Big Pasture, Dorchester, D09-006 Ladd, Deerfield, D04-B03 Lane, Middleton


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