NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
Jenness, Northwood, N18-031 Johnson, Tamworth, T01-010 Joppa Cemetery, Bedford, B07-002
Jenness, Plymouth, P10-XXX Johnson, Warner, W03-009 Jordan, Wakefield, W01-026
Jenness, Rochester, R05-2A1 Johnson, Weare, W07-022 Joseph Leavitt, Sanbornton, S03-030
Jenness, Rochester Johnson, Weare, W07-030 Joseph Mason, Sanbornton, S03-100
Jenness, Rochester, R05-8B2 Johnson Corner, Lyndeborough, L18-007 Joseph Philbrick, Sanbornton, S03-012
Jenness, Rochester, R05-9B1 Johnson Farm, Cornish, C20-009 Joseph S. Clark, Sanbornton, S03-113
Jenness, Rye, R09-026 Jonathan Edgerly, Sanbornton, S03-111 Josiah Burly, Sanbornton, S03-063
Jonathan Harmon, Madison
Jenness, Strafford, S17-6A2 Jonathan Morrison, Sanbornton, S03-027 Josiah Dearborn, Sanbornton, S03-058
Jenness, Strafford, S17-7F1 Jonathan Sanborn, Sanbornton, S03-020 Josiah Sanborn, Sanbornton, S03-040
Jenness, Wolfeboro, W18-015 Jones, Alton, A06-022 Josiah Sanborn Farm, Sanbornton, S03-118
Jenness, Wolfeboro, W18-043 Jones, Andover Joslin, Stoddard, S16-006
Jenness, Wolfeboro, W18-055 Jones, Barrington, B02-7F2 Joslyn, Chesterfield
Jeremiah B. Osgood, Sanbornton, S03-126 Jones, Canaan Jotham, Sanbornton, S03-049
Jeremiah Woodman, Sanbornton, S03-017 Jones, Canterbury, C05-026 Joy, Durham, D14-036
Jesus Christ - Hope, Milton, M14-090 Jones (?), Canterbury, C05-036 Joy (Samuel), New Durham, N06-005A
Jewell, Albany, A02-006 Jones, Deerfield, D04-D05 Judkin, Newmarket, N12-019
Jewell, Stratham, S19-029A Jones, Durham, D14-035 Judkins/Hunt, Belmont, B08-006
Jewett, Alton, A06-053 Jones, Eaton, E03-036 Judkins, Freedom, F06-007
Jewish, Manchester Jones, Epping, E07-103 Judkins, Wolfeboro, W18-071
Jewitt, Danbury, D02-005 Jones, Farmington, F01-4E4 Junkins, Dover, D10-I04
Jews' Cemetery, Bedford, B07-006h Jones, Farmington, F01-4F1 Kaime, Chichester, C13-007
John March, Madison Jones, Lee, L06-024 Kearsarge, Conway, C19-027
John Merrow, Madison Jones, Madbury Kearsarge Gore, Sutton, S25-007
John Perkins, Sanbornton, S03-123 Jones, Middleton Keezer/Slab Village, Bristol, B18-003
John Woodman, Sanbornton, S03-116 Jones, Middleton, M10-008 Keezer/Old Benjamin Young Farm/Strawberry Hill, Clarksville, C15-005
Johns River Cemetery, Dalton, D01-003 Jones, Middleton, M10-021 Kelly, Dover, D10-G03
Johnson, Barrington, B02-3C2 Jones, Milton Kelly, Gilmanton, G02-031
Johnson, Brookfield Jones (George), Milton, M14-077 Kelly, New Hampton, N08-006
Johnson, Dover, D10-A06 Jones, Milton Kelly, New Hampton, N08-009
Johnson, Epping, E07-606 Jones (Samuel), New Durham, N06-008 Kelly, New Hampton, N08-014
Johnson, Newbury, N04-009 Jones (Hannah), New Durham, N06-032A Kelly Lodge, Sanbornton, S03-124
Johnson/Lucas, New Durham, N06-068 Jones, Strafford, S17-3F1 Kelsey, Lee, L06-047
Johnson, Northwood, N18-032 Jones, Strafford, S17-4F1 Kelsey, Nottingham, N19-015
Johnson, Northwood, N18-033 Jones, Tuftonboro Kelsey, Nottingham, N19-016
Johnson, Northwood, N18-034 Jones, Tuftonboro, T07-020 Kelsey, Nottingham
Jones, Wakefield, W01-025 Kelso, Dalton, D01-004
Johnson, Strafford, S17-3B1 Kelton, Richmond, R03-007
Johnson, Strafford, S17-3B3 Kendall Pond Cem., Londonderry, L13-008


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