NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
South Stoddard, Stoddard St. Casimer's, Hudson, H20-008 St. Michael, Rollinsford, R06-015
South (Sunapee) Cemetery, Sunapee, S23-004 St. Casimers, Pelham, P01-008 St. Patrick's, Amherst, A07-004
South Sutton, Sutton, S25-002 St. Catherine's, Charlestown, C09-004 St. Patrick's, Carroll, C06-002
South Village, Westmoreland, W11-011 St. Charles, Dover, D10-004 St. Patrick's, Hudson, H20-009
South Yard, Hollis, H17-006 St. Charles, Hillsborough, H14-017 St. Patrick's, Jaffrey, J02-005
South Yard, Wilton, W14-003 St. Denis, Harrisville, H08-003 St. Patrick's, Nashua
Southside Cemetery, Fremont St. Francis Xavier, Nashua, N01-010 St. Patrick's, Newport, N13-005
Southwest Cemetery, Surry, S24-003 St. Francis Xavier, Northumberland, N17-002 St. Patrick, Rollinsford, R06-016
Spalding, Plainfield, P08-YYY St. Gaudens, Cornish, C20-016 St. Paul's School Cem., Concord, C18-013
Sparhawk, Wakefield, W01-115 St. Hedwidge, Manchester, M03-012 St. Peters, Walpole, W02-005
Spaulding, Lempster, L07-003 St. Jean-Baptiste (new), Allenstown, A04-P02 St. Peters (1st), Peterborough, P03-003
Spaulding, Washington, W05-008 St. Jean-Baptiste (old), Allenstown, A04-P01 St. Peters (2nd), Peterborough, P03-004
Spear Hill, Salem, S01-007 St. John, Tilton, T05-011 St. Rosaire, Rochester, R05-5C1
Spencer, Plymouth, P10-012 St. John's, Portsmouth St. Rose, Littleton, L11-006
Spiller, Belmont, B08-028 St. John's, Wakefield, W01-065 St. Stanislaus, Nashua, N01-008
Spinney, Milton, M14-019 St. Joseph's, Bath, B04-005 Stackpole, Rollinsford, R06-011
Spinney, Wakefield, W01-075 St. Joseph's, Bedford, B07-008 Stackpole, Wakefield, W01-087
St. Joseph's (Old), Bedford
Spofford Cemetery, Chesterfield, C12-017 St. Joseph's, Hinsdale, H15-007 Standpipe Hill, Newmarket, N12-044
Spratt, Epping, E07-114 St. Joseph's, Keene, K01-011 Stanley, Chichester
Springfield Cemetery, Springfield St. Joseph's, Manchester, M03-013 Stanton, Brookfield, B19-038
Squam Bridge, Holderness St. Kieran/ Russian Cemetery, Berlin, B11-009 Stanton, Meredith, M08-037
Squamscott Bog Cem., Weare St. Lambert, Laconia, L01-012 Stanton (Ephrain), New Durham, N06-001A
St.: See also "Saint" St. Louis Gonzagues, Nashua, N01-013 Stanton, Ossipee, O04-049
St. Mary's, Canaan, C03-005 Stanton, Strafford, S17-1C1
St. Andrews, Rye St. Mary's/Catholic Cemetery, Claremont, C14-007 Stanyan, Chichester
St. Anne, Berlin, B11-008 St. Mary's Cemetery, Dover Staples, Milton, M14-001
St. Anthony's, Wakefield, W01-039 St. Mary's, Hillsborough, H14-018 Staples, Ossipee, O04-077
St. Augustine (new), Manchester, M03-010 St. Mary's, Portsmouth, P11-011 Stratford Center, Stratford, S18-003
St. Augustine (old), Manchester, M03-011 St. Mary's, Rochester, R05-6D1 Stark, Dunbarton, D13-004
St. Brendans, Colebrook, C16-003 St. Matthews, Dalton, D01-005 Stark, Manchester, M03-014
St. Casimer, Nashua, N01-009 St. Matthews, Whitefield, W12-005


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