NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
Page/Wentworth, Dover, D10-383 Parks, Somersworth Pearl, Barrington, B02-3F1
Page, Durham, D14-047 Parrott, Greenland Pearl, Farmington, F01-4A2
Page, Effingham, E04-069 Parshley, Barrington, B02-5B4 Pearl, Loudon, L14-011
Page, Epping, E07-305 Parshley, Strafford, S17-4A1 Pearl, Rochester, R05-4B2
Page, Gilmanton, G02-018 Parshley, Strafford, S17-4C2 Pearl, Rochester
Page/Remick, Milton, M14-031 Parshley, Strafford, S17-6D1 Pearl, Somersworth, S11-XXX
Page, Northwood Parsonage Road, Cornish, C20-012 Pearson, Greenland, G10-024
Page, Rochester, R05-2C1 Parsons, Durham, D14-048 Pearson, Meredith, M08-006
Page, Rochester Parsons, Freedom, F06-002 Pease (Nathaniel), Barnstead, B01-095
Page, Sandwich, S05-035 Parsons, Gilmanton, G02-019 Pease, Ellsworth, E05-002
Page, Wakefield, W01-074 Parsons, Lee, L06-073 Pease, Meredith
Page, Warner, W03-015 Partridge Hill, Campton, C02-007 Pease, Meredith, M08-060
Pasture, Sanbornton, S03-127
Page's Corner/North Dunbarton, Dunbarton, D13-003 Pattee, Warner Pease, Tamworth, T01-012
Paine, Moultonborough, M17-023 Patten, Alexandria, A03-005 Peaslee, Dover, D10-J03
Pallett, Canterbury, C05-020 Patten (Scott), Alexandria, A03-006 Peaslee, Hill
Palmer, Brookfield, B19-031 Patten, Deering, D05-003 Peaslee, Newton
Palmer, Deerfield, D04-F09 Patten, Henniker, H12-008 Peavey, Farmington, F01-2C4
Palmer, Eaton, E03-010 Pattenville, Littleton, L11-005 Peavey, Farmington, F01-5D2
Palmer, Effingham, E04-058 Pattridge/Albee, Chesterfield, C12-019 Peck Grave, Westmoreland, W11-015
Palmer, Holderness Paul, Dover, D10-N02 Pedlar's End, Eaton, E03-020
Palmer, Lee, L06-036 Paul, Durham, D14-049 Peirce, Rindge, R04-003
Palmer, Milton Paul, Wakefield, W01-105 Pembroke Hill Cem., Pembroke, P02-009
Palmer, Northwood, N18-042 Pauper, New Hampton, N08-007 Pembroke St. Cem., Pembroke, P02-008
Palmer, Portsmouth Paupers' Cemetery, Amherst, A07-008 Pender (Mark), New Durham, N06-044
Palmer, Sandwich Pauper's Grave, Westmoreland, W11-013 Pendergast (Stephen), Barnstead, B01-036
Parade, Warner, W03-016 Pawtuckaway Reserv., Nottingham Pendergast, Durham, D14-050
Park Cemetery, Tilton, T05-009 Peabody, Milan, M11-003 Pendergast, Newmarket, N12-015
Park St. Cemetery, Whitefield, W12-003 Peabody, Mont Vernon, M16-004 Pendergast, Newmarket, N12-031
Parker, Woodstock, W19-002 Peabody, Shelburne, S10-006 Pendexter, Madbury, M01-009
Parker-Cobb, Harts Location, See: Glidden Peaceful Retreat, Warner, W03-017 Penney, Barnstead
Parker Hill, Lyman, L16-003 Pearey, Barrington, B02-6A2


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