NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
Newton, Acworth, A01-006 No Name, Rochester, R05-1G1 No. Wolfeboro Cem., Wolfeboro, W18-025
Newton, Sanbornton, S03-046 - -
Nichols, Effingham, E04-063 No Name, Rochester, R05-2E3 Noble, Lee, L06-033
Nichols, Ossipee, O04-053 No Name, Rochester, R05-2F3 Nolte, Meredith, M08-071
Nichols, Ossipee, O04-116 No Name, Rochester, R05-3F1 Norris (Joseph), Barnstead, B01-100
Nicklin, Effingham, E04-014 No Name, Rochester, R05-5C2 Norris, Deerfield, D04-D02
No Name, Brentwood, B16-004 No Name, Rochester, R05-5F1 Norris, Dorchester, D09-011
No Name, Dover, D10-171 No Name, Rochester, R05-5G5 Norris, Epping, E07-104
No Name, Dover, D10-A01 No Name, Rochester, R05-7C2 Norris, Epping, E07-302
No Name, Dover, D10-A03 No Name, Rochester, R05-8B1 Norris, Meredith, M08-072
No Name, Dover, D10-F01 No Name, Rochester, R05-8D1 Norris, Nottingham, N19-013
No Name, Dover, D10-N05 No Name, Rochester, R05-8F4 Norris, Ossipee, O04-054
No Name, Milton, M14-034 No Name, Strafford, S17-3A2 Norris Hill Rd. Cem., Dorchester, D09-012
No Name, Milton, M14-056 No Name, Strafford, S17-3B4 Norris Tomb, Deerfield, D04-E01
No Name, Milton, M14-069 No Name, Strafford, S17-4D3 North, Portsmouth, P11-002
North Branch, Antrim, A09-004
No Name, Milton, M14-089 No Name, Strafford, S17-5G5 North Brookline, Brookline, B20-002
No Name, Newmarket, N12-048 No Name, Strafford, S17-5G6 North Burying Ground, Keene
No Name, Newmarket, N12-050 No Name, Strafford, S17-6C10 North Cemetery, Lyndeborough, L18-001
- No Name, Strafford, S17-6C6 North Cemetery, Milford, M12-001
No Name, Ossipee, O04-021 No Name, Strafford, S17-6C7 North Cemetery, Salem, S01-002
No Name, Ossipee, O04-025 No Name, Strafford, S17-6C9 North Cemetery, Sandown, S04-003
No Name, Ossipee, O04-031 No Name, Strafford, S17-6E2 North Cemetery, Sharon, S09-002
No Name, Ossipee, O04-039 No Name, Strafford, S17-7B2 North Cemetery, Temple, T02-004
No Name, Ossipee, O04-045 No Name, Strafford, S17-7C3 North Cemetery, Westmoreland, W11-001
No Name, Ossipee, O04-112 No Name, Strafford, S17-7C4 North Chatham, Chatham, C10-003
No Name, Ossipee, O04-114 No Name, Strafford, S17-7E2 North Chester, Chester, C11-004
No Name, Ossipee, O04-127 No Names, Tamworth, T01-016 North Dorchester, Dorchester, D09-003
No Name, Plainfield, P08-016 No Names, Tamworth, T01-019 North Dunbarton, Dunbarton
No Name, Plainfield, P08-017 No Names, Tamworth, T01-022 North Goshen, Goshen, G06-003
No Name, Rochester, R05-1F1 No. 6 Cemetery, Haverhill, H10-006 North Groton, Groton, G13-002
No Name, Rochester, R05-1F2 No. Conway Cemetery, Conway, C19-008 North High Road, Epping, E07-414
North Hill, Stewartstown, S15-005


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