NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
Hodgdon, Dover, D10-E07 Holy Rosary, Hooksett, H18-004 Horne, Wolfeboro, W18-014
Hodgdon, Epping, E07-703 Holy Rosary, Rochester Horne, Wolfeboro, W18-024
Hodgdon, Farmington, F01-4F3 Holy Trinity, Somersworth, S11-021 Horse Hill/River Hill, Concord, C18-004
Hodgdon, Madbury Holy Trinity (new), Goffstown, G04-002 Horse Meadow, Haverhill, H10-004
Hodgdon, Madbury, M01-018 Holy Trinity (old), Goffstown, G04-003 Horsum, Ossipee, O04-141
Hodgdon, Northfield, N15-008 Homeland, Bristol, B18-002 Howard (Dr. Enoch), Barnstead, B01-020
Hodgdon, Ossipee, O04-146 Homestead, Ashland Howard, Barrington, B02-3A5
Hodsden, Ossipee, O04-064 Homestead, Swanzey, S26-002 Howard, Richmond, R03-012
Hodsdon, Milton Hook, Chichester, C13-006 Howard, Rochester, R05-2B1
Hodsdon, Ossipee, O04-004 Hooke, Fremont, F07-004 Howard, Strafford, S17-3G2
Hodsdon, Wakefield, W01-022 Hooker, Hinsdale, H15-004 Howe, Barrington, B02-2E2
Hoitt, Lee, L06-021 Hooper, Madbury, M01-043 Howe, Hillsborough
Hoitt, Northwood, N18-029 Hope Hill, Charlestown, C09-002 Howe, Milton, M14-044
Holbrook, Candia, C04-006 Hopkins, Plainfield, P08-015 Howe, Rochester, R05-5A2
Holderness Cemetery, Holderness Hopkinson, Epsom Howland, Whitefield
Hollow, Stewartstown, S15-004 Horace Long, Madison Howlett, Bradford, B15-005
Hollow Cemetery, Pittsburg, P06-002 Horn, Tuftonboro, T07-033 Hoyt, Gilford, G01-007
Holman, Raymond, R02-008 Horn, Wakefield Hoyt, Northwood, N18-030
Holmes/Campton Hollow, Campton, C02-008 Horn, Wakefield, W01-076 Hoyt, Sandwich, S05-022
Horn, Wakefield, W01-103 Hoyt, Sanbornton, N09-011
Holmes, Farmington, F01-2A3 Horne, Dover Hoyt, Thornton, T04-005
Holmes, Strafford, S17-2G1 Horne, Dover, D10-E04 Hoyt, Tuftonboro, T07-019
Holmes, Strafford, S17-2G2 Horne, Farmington, F01-2B3 Hoyt, Warner, W03-008
Holmes Grave, Barnstead, B01-076 Horne, Farmington, F01-2B9 Hubbard, Brookfield, B19-024
Holmlin, Meredith, M08-005 Horne, Farmington, F01-4F5 Hubbard, Charlestown, C09-005
Holt, Epping, E07-108 Horne, Farmington, F01-5D4 Hubbard, Sandwich, S05-021
Holt, Epping, E07-109 Horne, Farmington, F01-5F1 Huckin/Morrill, Barnstead, B01-106
Holy Angels, Plaistow, P09-001 Horne, Milton Huckins, Alton, A06-005
Holy Cross, Franklin, F05-002 Horne, New Durham Huckins, Center Harbor, C07-009
Holy Cross, Hudson (Possibly the) Horne family), New Durham, N06-001B
Holy Cross, Londonderry, L13-007 Horne, Somersworth Huckins, Effingham, E04-070
Holy Family, Gorham, G05-003 Horne, Wakefield, W01-117 Huckins, Lee, L06-022


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